Insurance Law, Civil & Real Estate Litigation

Insurance Law Overview

Insurance is a highly complex, specialized area of the law with the potential of affecting parties ranging from large corporations to homeowners and small business owners. Disputes in the insurance arena can involve underwriting issues, questions about coverage and interpretation of an insurance policy, performance of policy conditions by the policyholder and the insurer, and most importantly, the reasonableness of an insurer's claim handling and decisions. Shenfield & Associate's attorneys are experienced insurance coverage and trial lawyers who have handled a broad range of complex insurance matters in two-party disputes between the policyholder and the insurer, in multi-party disputes between a policyholder and multiple insurers, and in multi-party disputes between insurers.

Knowing How to Resolve Coverage Disputes

Shenfield & Associate's attorneys know how to interpret insurance policies, and they understand California's vast body of insurance case law, statutes, and regulations. Many times, insurers who have denied policyholders benefits will revisit their claim decision after a potential adversary points out errors involving policy interpretation or the insurer's misunderstanding of the law or the facts supporting the claim. The firm therefore understands the importance of first working with the insurance company to determine if issues resulting in the denial of a claim can be resolved. If an insurer's wrongful denial of a claim cannot be resolved amicably, Shenfield & Associates has the experience to sue the insurance company and win the case at trial.

Winning Irresolvable Disputes in Court

Shenfield & Associate's broad experience litigating coverage and claim handling issues at the summary judgment stage and trying insurance cases before juries enable it to confront and defeat the largest insurance companies and law firms. If you have been wrongly denied benefits, please contact us. We have represented individual policyholders, business owners, and companies in the pursuit of wrongfully denied benefits.