Government Liability

Government Negligence

Our government is supposed to work in the interest of its people but there are times when they are negligent and cause harm to the people they serve. When this occurs, government agencies need to be held accountable so that it does not happen again.

When Does Government Negligence Occur?

In the State of California, where we practice law, government liability causes serious injury and even death. Whether it is a dangerously designed or not properly maintained roadway, a reckless police officer, a poorly designed fire station, failure to properly train a government employee, a collision caused by a government vehicle, or unsafe playground equipment resulting in serious injury to a child, the public needs protection.

At Shenfield & Associates, we believe government accountability is vital for a democracy. By exposing wrongdoing and creating consequences because of it, the government better serves its citizens. Victims have a right to justice and obtain financial recovery when they sustain serious injuries as a result of government negligence.

Protecting Citizens

Taking on government agencies, municipal groups, police, port authorities, and public utilities is no easy task. Our law firm relishes a challenge where we can improve the situation of a seriously injured accident victim.

We do not back down from government entities when our clients have been harmed and the law is on their side. We have taken cases all the way to the California Supreme Court to fight for our clients' rights.

Trust Our Experienced, Knowledgeable Government Liability Lawyers

At Shenfield & Associates, our attorneys are forceful, aggressive, yet compassionate advocates for clients. They pursue just compensation from responsible parties for all of our client's damages sustained in a serious injury accident. We use accident reconstruction, vocational, and medical experts to help prove our client's injuries and damages.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of government negligence, please contact us. We have recovered millions of dollars for our seriously injured clients. We offer a free consultation to better serve you and also offer service in Spanish.