California Mechanics’ Lien Law, the Use of Stop Payment Notices, & Bond Claims

Posted February 18, 2015

JOIN us on Wednesday, March 11, 2015, from California Mechanics’ Lien Law, the Use of Stop Payment Notices, & Bond Claims,” an informative and exciting seminar geared towards contractors, material suppliers, developers, engineers, owners, design & real estate professionals with exposure to construction law issues and dispute resolution.  We will explore the requirements for establishing and enforcing statutory mechanics’ lien rights, stop payment notice rights, and bond claims in California.  Sign up by clicking HERE (if you don’t already have a account, you will have to register for one in order to sign up for the seminar).

Key topics will include:

• Procedural requirements and possible claimants for Mechanics’ Liens and Stop Payment Notices

• Statutory time limits for Mechanics’ Liens, Stop Payment Notices and payment bonds

• Procedural requirements for payment and performance bond claims

• Priorities for recovery of Mechanics’ Liens and Stop Payment Notices

• Lien releases and Release bonds


Christopher Shenfield, Attorney, 

Mathew Zumstein, Attorney,

Attendees will have time to ask attorneys questions.

The seminar will be complimentary and will include food, snacks and beverages.  Also, there will be networking prior to the presentations.  

An event of the Real Estate Law & Practice Seminars: SF Peninsula/South Bay, sponsored and hosted by the law firms of Shenfield & Associates and Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley.   Posted 2/18/2015